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With space your surfaces let
you plan smarter and faster

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Task lists are great for shopping lists, but...

If you're planning anything bigger or more complicated, you need a surface!

Simple Surface is an agile management tool. Quickly and easily create a surface and spread your ideas out. Add structure. Move things around. Zoom in and out. Use the the space. Simple Surface does what task lists can't do.

Quick and easy

Recording your ideas is very fast with Simple Surface. Double click anywhere and start typing. Using keys and your mouse you can record many things with speed.

Plan with space

Use space to spread your ideas out. Surfaces extend in all directions. Drag and drop your ideas around and organise in lists using colour, tasks, notes and links.

Share and collaborate

Share surfaces with your team and collaborate in real time. Publish to Pinterest and Facebook. Download PDF. Make your surfaces public.

How to organise lots of things?

Simple Surface is a unique blend of sticky note, task list and project management tools that lets you plan quickly, in a new yet familiar way

Simple Surface is fast and helps you to manage lots of things in a semi-structured environment. Especially when you’re at that initial planning stage and don't yet know about everything that you need to do.

Task lists are great for managing to-do lists, such as your shopping list.
But lists are so restrictive and ‘linear’.

Sticky notes are great for remembering things or for organising a few ideas.
But they are just notes (with glue).

Project management tools give you gantt charts and critical paths.
But is time consuming and cumbersome to use.


Top 5 reasons you'll love Simple Surface

  1. Simple Surface is visual
    Use space and group things visually as you would on a whiteboard. Zoom. Move around. There's heaps of space.
  2. Capture ideas quickly
    Use Simple Surface to quickly record all your ideas to a surface.
  3. Share and collaborate
    Choose who can view and edit your surfaces - in real time. Make a surface public to share with the world!
  4. Export to PDF and print
    Download PDF, print, email with attachment or export as text
  5. Simple Surface is... simple!
    There's not much to learn. We've taken care to keep it simple without compromising on the Simple Surface vision.
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